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Brain Tumor Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

brain tumor symptom
  • Jul 19
  • Oncology

Often people joke around a headache saying “hope it’s not a brain tumor”. However light the intention may be, a surprising majority of people have little to no idea about the symptoms of a brain tumor

There are several written accounts of patients going through stress and anxiety around the general misconception and lack of information on the topic. As brain tumors are neither visible nor always painful, it’s of prime importance to know about the symptoms that may point towards a brain tumor.

Doctors say Brain tumor symptoms depend on multiple factors and not all patients experience similar sets of symptoms. However, after a physical diagnosis of the patient’s sensory, cognitive and balance system, one is often advised a CT or MRI Scan to confirm the detection of a tumor.

One factor affecting the symptoms is the location of the tumor. Depending on its location in the brain, one may experience memory-related issues if the tumor is in the hippocampus, or feel clumsy and out of coordination if the tumor is located on the cerebellum. The size of the tumor may also affect the intensity and frequency of symptoms experienced.

Early detection of a brain tumor surgery can substantially increase the success rate and efficacy of the treatment options and reduce the damage it will most likely cause to the brain.

Let’s look at the symptoms of a brain tumor everyone should always keep in mind.

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Sensory changes

Some sensory changes experienced by brain tumor patients are so subtle, it’s easy to miss them. Yet some can be as intense as a seizure.

If the patient notices sudden changes in vision, feels their hearing power decrease or experiences unusual changes in taste, smell or feel, its best to keep track of these symptoms and note down the details of the symptom experience to cross-check with symptoms seen by other patients.

Functional Changes

As for the senses, the same goes for cognitive skills. Patients may feel a drop in concentration level, ability to read and comprehend, or face difficulty in developing new cognitive skills etc.

The patients with such symptoms look healthy but may show cognitive deterioration that is misunderstood by peers as incompetency.

Memory changes

As mentioned earlier, a tumor located in the frontal lobe can seriously affect memory. Both short-term and long-term memory losses can be experienced by patients. Sometimes a patient may start a conversation and go completely blank. Patients with such symptoms need to consider a brain tumor as a reason, along with checking for a family history of Alzheimer’s.

Balance and Co-ordination changes

Many easy everyday tasks may look challenging. Frequent fumbling, loss of control of facial muscles, poorly coordinated body movements and a change in sense of balance are some of the symptoms experienced by tumor patients. Sometimes twitching and erratic movement of the body may feel like the body is not obeying the brain.

Pain-related symptoms

Sometimes a tumor may not hurt at all where it’s located, other times the pain may occur in different parts of the body linked to their functional location in the brain. Many brain tumor patients may not experience headaches at all


Brain tumors are hard to detect and hence right knowledge and awareness about the symptoms is a key to early detection. On early detection treatment options like brain tumor surgery can cure patients and save their lives.
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