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Present times have posed us with newer health related problems like knee pain, joint pain and many other orthopaedic diseases that result from a myriad of reasons like lifestyle, longer life expectancy and the occupational hazard of working in jobs which involve long time sitting in the same chair.

Dietary changes have also lead us in developing calcium deficiency as our food is not nutritiously rich and does not provide with good Calcium supply to make our bones and joints stronger.

Lifestyle changes also play a crucial role in bone health. Nowadays people spend much less time outside in the sunlight causing reduced exposure to sunlight and Vitamin D deficiency, which is crucial in production of Calcium inside our bodies.

Injury, accidents, hereditary and birth deformities also become a leading cause for orthopedic complexities and must be treated professionally for achieving better life and mobility in daily routine

Orthopedic Care 

Fortis Malar offers a range of advanced and superior Orthopedic Care in the following:

Fracture Care and Trauma Surgery –Fortis Malar stands as a global hub for the care of fractures and injuries of bones and joints that may arise from accidents or injury at work etc. in children and adults.

Joint Replacement and Arthritis – Joint replacement surgery has brought back mobility and quality life in many senior patients with its high rate of success resulting from long-standing expertise in Joint Replacement surgery.  We have specialist doctors and surgical procedures for hip and knee replacement.

Hand and Upper Extremity Conditions – Many young and old patients today come in with complaints of hand related pain. Such pain is most often seen in patients who are in the profession of IT, and type and use the keyboard for long hours every day.  We have state of the art Hand Surgery specializing in surgery of injuries, reconstruction for arthritic problems, relief of nerve compressive syndromes, and many more hand related complexities. 

Elbow Conditions – Many athletes and professionals in heavy lifting and strenuous jobs develop conditions affecting the elbow. Fortis Malar is equipped to provide world-class surgery, post-surgical physiotherapy, and rehabilitation to patients with elbow conditions.

Knee Conditions – Knee conditions are no longer restricted to sports professionals, many senior citizens also walk in with acute knee pain arising from arthritis. We have the latest knee surgery and replacement procedures for patients from different walk of life.  Our orthopedic teams and surgeons in Chennai will ensure minimal hospital time and speed up recovery and walking for our patients with special rehabilitation programs.

Hip Conditions – Hip injuries that can arise from injury or degenerative process are treated with expertise and care by our orthopedic team who can address to any specific hip related condition help patients achieve normal lifestyle.

Shoulder Conditions – Shoulder injuries and problems can be complex in nature. Our orthopedic team has the expertise to operate on the shoulder joint and correct the intricate structure of muscles and ligaments to help the patients regain complete shoulder mobility.


Fortis Malar is committed to bringing the smile back in every patient’s face by providing superior and effective Trauma & Orthopedic Care with its team of Orthopedic Surgery Specialist and is considered as one of the Best Orthopedic Hospital in Chennai. We are dedicated to eradicating all your pain with superior patient care and patient-centric care.

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