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ENT Specialists & ENT Doctor In Chennai

Dr. M.N.Shankar

Fortis Malar

Dr. M.N.Shankar

Senior Consultant Ent And Head And Neck Surgeon

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Dr. Ramakrishnan

Fortis Malar

Dr. Ramakrishnan

Consultant ENT Specialist

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Fortis Chennai Hospital - Best ENT Doctor & Specialists in Chennai

The experts at the ENT Department of Fortis, Chennai specialize in diagnosing, treating and managing a wide spectrum of ENT conditions all under a single roof. They are equipped with state of the art facilities to offer an exceptional standard of care for patients of all ages from children to elderly people.

Perfect functioning of the ear, nose and throat is much needed in everyone's life as it is the fundamental necessity for normal body function.

If any of these are unable to perform its functions properly, our ENT specialists can address the problems and put them on the path of recovery.

First, they conduct necessary diagnostic tests to conclude the exact medical condition and then begin the right course of treatment. This detailed evaluation is not only beneficial for them to cure the condition at the earliest but also prevent the related complications.

Then they tailor the treatment plan to suit the needs and requirements of the patient. This may include medications or plans for surgeries that offer the best outcome for the patient with mild or no side-effects.

They also educate the patients about preventive measures to avoid the re-occurrence of the problem in the future.

Expertise to treat any ENT condition

The ENT department at Fortis Chennai Hospital, houses some of the best ENT doctors in the country to cure the simple as well as serious ENT problems.

The problems related to ears can be otosclerosis, otitis, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, Vertigo, Protruding Ears, etc. while those related to the nose can be Nasal injuries, Nasal Polyps, Tumours and Obstructions of the Nose, etc. Throat conditions like Laryngitis, Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, etc. and head and neck conditions also come under their areas of care.

Our panel of ENT Doctors has always been at the forefront of all research activities which help them to develop new technologies for treating their patients in a better way.

This also helps them to understand the 'New Age’ diseases which are growing in number globally and arrive at a cure. Having achieved many milestones in the field of ENT, the specialists are confident of bringing many more breakthroughs in the days to come and progress in their march of glory.

This talent pool is further powered by nurses, medical staff and technical professionals who create a warm and supportive environment for every patient.

Focus on complete patient satisfaction

The labs are equipped with the latest facilities and advanced devices that are nothing less than world-class. All development activities and up-gradation of technologies are focused on the sole aim of providing the highest level of medical services to all the patients.

All these facilities put together makes the ENT doctors to better meet the needs of the increasing number of patients and treat them in a smooth and hassle-free way. It is one of their policies to see patients walking out of the hospital with complete satisfaction and rejuvenated health.

By maintaining a warm and welcoming environment, the team at the ENT department leaves no patient unattended.

They also follow good clinical practices which are not just in line with the global standards but indeed exceed all of them. The ENT doctors relentlessly work towards transforming the lives of their patients and enable their recovery in the fastest way and truest sense.

This kind of clinical excellence along with compassionate care has earned the ENT doctors at Fortis, the trust of millions.

Being pioneers in offering the best ENT care, the specialists are also the source of a great combination of commitment and compassion. They remain dedicated to their goal of delivering consistent patient care. To achieve this, they follow ‘Patient First’ approach which has raised their level of service above incomparable standards.

Precise surgeries by expert ENT surgeons in Chennai

The ENT Department at Fortis brings on board the best ENT surgeons who are trained professionally to conduct both simple and complicated surgeries with much ease. They perform all the minimally invasive procedures and advanced open resections and also offer post-surgery care to achieve the maximum benefit of the medical procedure.

ENT surgeons extend their service in areas like Otology, Rhinology, Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Skull base surgery or Neurotology, and Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery. Sometimes supportive care like swallowing therapy, speech therapy, respiratory care, etc. is provided by the supporting staff until the patients completely recover.

Through their exceptional care and best clinical outcomes, the doctors make their patients feel confident that they are treated by the expert hands. They also collect the feedbacks and reviews from the treated patients to ensure that their needs are completely met and further improve their service in the long run.

By earning the reputation as the best ENT specialists in Chennai, our doctors have become the preferred choice among the masses.

About Fortis

The ‘Mecca of Medicine’, Fortis Hospital has enriched the lives of many Chennaites, and has earned a reputation of delivering world-class healthcare services at their modern facilities.

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