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Best Pulmonologist & Lung Specialist in Chennai

Dr. Ammaiyappan Palaniswamy C

Fortis Malar

Dr. Ammaiyappan Palaniswamy C

Consultant Pulmonology / Chest & Sleep Medicine

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Dr. K Rajkumar

Fortis Malar

Dr. K Rajkumar

Consultant Pulmonology

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Dr. Sindhura Koganti


Dr. Sindhura Koganti

Consultant - Pulmonology

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Fortis Chennai Hospital - Best Pulmonologists & Lung Specialist in Chennai

Our specialists at the Department of Pulmonology have been pioneers in offering a comprehensive range of services that helps to restore the health of your lungs or any part of the respiratory system. Year on year, they bring together the latest in research and technology which helps them to gear up access to the investigation and treatment of a wide range of respiratory diseases.

Due to air pollution, smoking and urbanisation, the diseases related to the respiratory tract are frequently encountered nowadays and they require specialist management.

So our doctors, backed by advanced cutting edge technology systems, treat patients using specialised programs and hasten their recovery. Our pulmonologists are both nationally and internationally acclaimed for not only treating the common diseases like asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, sleep apnea but also the uncommon ones.

At Fortis, The Department of Pulmonology pools the talents and expertise of the medical professionals to provide advanced care for a wide array of respiratory diseases encountered by the patients of all age groups. With their unsurpassed expertise and experience, they create a perfect healing environment for even the complex cases and help the patients bounce back to their normal health comfortably.

Advanced pulmonology care by our experts

In this era of superfast processing, the diagnoses and treatment of respiratory diseases rely on an expansive range of updated devices, equipment and systems. Comprehending the necessity, the department houses the advanced technologies which help the specialists to provide accelerated medical care.

The specialists aim to deliver advance pulmonology care in a compassionate way to all the patients and achieve clinical excellence. They also treat critically ill patients who have life-threatening problems with a high priority.

It is well-known that research activities constitute to be a fundamental pillar in the improvement of quality of care in the medical field. In order to achieve it, our pulmonologists carry out parallel research that undoubtedly contributes to improving the quality of care.

Their genuine effort in conducting a high degree of research is proof that our doctors leave no stone unturned in the field of Pulmonology.

By planning a wide range of treatment modalities, our finest experts at the Department of Pulmonology are recognized for their proficiency in delivering high-grade care regardless of the patient’s medical condition. They are also highly trained and experienced in their field to perform difficult procedures and possess complete knowledge of healing.

No two patients can undergo the same treatment plan; the procedures depend on the type of respiratory disease they have. So, our pulmonologists offer personalized attention to each patient and commit themselves to provide continuous improvement in the quality of individualized patient care.

They also study the complete medical history of each patient before beginning the treatment; others being the patient’s current health condition, family history and other essential factors that will influence the treatment.

This helps them to understand the exact cause of the problem and plan the treatment and medications appropriately. Upon getting the entire picture, they provide the best and effective treatment modalities to eradicate the disease from the patient's body in the fastest way. The doctors are assisted by well-trained professional nurses who provide their robust support to recover the patients at the earliest in the most comfortable manner.

Every sphere of care, from diagnosis to follow up, sees no neglecting and has been given its importance by the entire team of doctors, nurses and medical staff. With a constant endeavour to excel in quality patient care, the department follows the right ethical practices at every stage of the treatment process.

With stringent measures and protocols, the department maintains a highly sterile environment to eliminate even the minor chance of any infection. It is the extraordinary dedication which has earned our doctors a remarkable name as best pulmonologists in Chennai.

Our Leading Lung specialists in Chennai

In the pollution rich world, each breath taken can affect the health of the lungs and can pose potential threats. Irrespective of age and gender, children, women, men, smokers, non-smokers, anyone can get affected by lung diseases. In such a condition, they can seek medical help from qualified lung specialists at Fortis.

The Department of Pulmonology has assembled all the latest equipment which allows the lung specialists to provide holistic care in diagnosis and treatment of problems related to the lungs.

The department also aims to combat lung diseases by carrying out R&D projects and spreading the necessary preventive methods for the overall welfare of the community.

The lung specialists hold a strong foot in providing precise treatment by imparting the standards of unparalleled perfection. It is also the expertise of the lung specialists that empowers them to treat the most complicated cases with confidence.

From the start till the end, the treatment for every patient travels through a journey of the smooth and hassle-free path by adopting an integrated approach. On the whole, the passion-driven team of medical professionals at the Department of Pulmonology ensures a comfortable setting for their suffering patients.

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