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Best Hematologists in Chennai

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Dr. A Karthikeyan

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Fortis Chennai Hospital - Best Hematologists in Chennai

At Fortis Chennai Hospital, the Department of Blood Disorders and Hematology houses expert Hematologists who are skilled in diagnosing and treating a wide range of blood disorders and diseases.

Blood is a life-sustaining fluid which has no substitute for it. When its normal functioning is affected or troubled, it results in dreaded blood disorders. Certain blood disorders are harmless while others can be life-threatening. In medical terms, it can be rightly called benign or malignant.

It is to be understood that disorders with blood have a ripple effect reaching other parts of the body and worsen the person’s total health. This can take a huge toll on that person’s life and disrupt daily activities.

When this happens, one can always count on our Hematologists who are ready to serve and address the concerns promptly.

Our eminent Hematologists provide the best of treatment and care for conditions like Anemia, Hemophilia, Thrombosis, blood cancers like Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, increased or reduced platelet count, enlarged lymph nodes or spleen, all bleeding and clotting disorders, increased or decreased white blood cells, etc.

They prescribe medication and other treatment methods depending on the particular type and stage of the blood disorder the patient has. They also consider the patient's medical history, age, current health condition and other important factors to get an in-depth understanding of the condition.

Apart from finding the abnormalities in the blood, it is also essential to understand whether they are hereditary or acquired, acute or chronic. So, with the appropriate use of emerging technologies, they better understand the baffling hematological conditions in all aspects.

The labs are well-equipped with advanced and modern facilities to conduct sophisticated investigations and diagnoses related to blood disorders.

Arming advanced hematology facilities helps our Hematology doctors with a rapid assessment of the disease and timely start of treatment which eventually reduces the time a patient will need to spend in the hospital.

Leading the way in Hematology

The increasing burden of blood disorders and patient's growing concern for finding relief has directed our Hematology doctors towards conducting advanced research activities. They make intensive studies to identify the cause of present-day diseases that keeps emerging rapidly and bring to the world novel treatment methods to cure them.

They always stand at the leading edge of medicine and science, so that patients can have access to a wide range of fresh and standard treatment options. Such expertise for the new era of medicine helps them to combat fatal diseases and save precious lives.

By reaching new horizons in the treatment of blood disorders, they give positive hope to the patients seeking medical care. Further, patients feel great comfort by knowing that they are surrounded by some of the expert hands in the city.

For such a valuable reason, our doctor’s reputation defines them as the best Hematologists in Chennai.

Strongly committed to curing blood disorders

With modern equipment at their disposal, our Hematologists work tirelessly to figure out the best way to treat any and every problem related to blood. They are highly committed to put their patients on the right treatment path and reach the destination of recovery at the earliest.

They offer their medical service by giving paramount importance to high-quality care which is one of the main strengths of the department. As certain blood disorders exhibit complex nature, sometimes our doctors make a multi-disciplinary team approach to combat the condition.

This team encompasses doctors from various fields of medicine who possess the knowledge and phenomenal expertise for better healing.

Having been recognized as the best Hematologists in Chennai, our doctors deliver their medical expertise comprehensively to provide excellent clinical care. All the well-trained nurses and skilled medical staff at the Department of Blood Disorders and Haematology have deep experience in understanding the patient’s needs and caring for them.

With their meticulous involvement and committed attention to patient care, they make the patients experience to be effective, convenient and comfortable.

An Elite team of Brilliant Minds

Our elite team of Hematology doctors is actively involved in curing the blood disorders that impact the lives of both adult and pediatric patients. Their brilliant minds always strive to reveal new insights about the medical condition and bring in various treatment modalities that help to improve the patient’s health.

Beyond curing the disease, they also look after the nutritional and rehabilitation needs of the patients continued by excellent follow-up care. By offering such one of a kind treatment with a reasonable timeframe, our Hematology specialists have won the hearts of millions of people.

The Department of Blood Disorders and Haematology is one of the distinguished departments at Fortis, Chennai with high end complete hematological services offered by expert doctors.

With rich experience in the field of Hematology, our experts make a huge difference in the life of every patient who needs the best treatment and complete cure for hematological conditions.

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The ‘Mecca of Medicine’, Fortis Hospital has enriched the lives of many Chennaites, and has earned a reputation of delivering world-class healthcare services at their modern facilities.

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